UltraTech Building Products:

Revolutionary Products Engineered for New-age Constructions

With an aim of becoming a 360 Degrees building materials destination, UltraTech Cement has launched its revolutionary building products ‘UltraTech Building Products Division’. UltraTech’s Building Products Division (BPD) is a technology driven business that offers an array of scentifically engineered products to cater new age constructions using technologies across the globe. The range under the umbrella of UltraTech BPD range is designed for new-age constructions.

It offers a complete portfolio of end-to-end solutions, covering the entire spectrum of construction, with products that include UltraTech SEAL & DRY (Total Waterproofing Solution), UltraTech SUPERSTUCCO (Polymer Modified Mortar), UltraTech XTRALITE (Lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks), UltraTech FIXOBLOCK (Thin Layer Jointing Mortar), UltraTech READIPLAST (Plaster) and UltraTech POWERGROUT (Quick & Strong Grouting Solution).

Every product in this revolutionary range is ready-to-use, thereby enabling quicker, hassle-free application and faster completion of projects.

Light-weight, high-strength Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks packed with a host of unique features

Cement based, single component, polymer modified, flexible, elastomeric, waterproof coating offering withstanding capacity of 5-7 bars pressure on the positive side

Versatile thin layer joining mortar with an incredibly thin requirement of 3mm as against 18mm (approx.) specially designed to provide higher bonding.

Readymade pre-mixed cement plaster that makes plastering very simple and convenient. Just add water and its ready to use.

Easy to apply polymer modified mortar that presents itself as a thin layer plaster for concrete surfaces.

Quick and high-strength binder, a strong grouting solution. Ideal for quicker, faster anchoring and grouting.