UltraTech XTRALITE is a Lightweight Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) Block. It is suitable for multistoried structures as it is lighter in weight than standard size bricks and blocks. UltraTech XTRALITE is manufactured through a reaction of aluminium on a proportionate blend of lime, cement and fly ash. During this process, the hydrogen gas that escapes creates millions of tiny air cells, rendering UltraTech XTRALITE with a strong cellular structure. This is further strengthened by high pressure steam curing in autoclaves. The product thus formed is not only lightweight but also has higher compressive strength. The state-of-the-art plant is installed with latest technology that ensures dimensional accuracy to maximum.

  • Features & Advantages of AAC
  • Large variety of sizes:  AAC can be produced in a large variety of sizes, from standard blocks to large reinforced panels.
  • Environment: AAC provides a very good alternative for the banned clay bricks, hence saving the valuable agricultural topsoil. The manufacturing process does not generate any waste and the finished product is environment friendly. The product falls under the Green Building Concept. 
  • Energy Consumption: Energy consumption in the production of AAC is less by 30% over the traditional clay bricks.
  • Raw Material Consumption: 600 kg/m3 of raw material is required for the production of AAC as against 1800 kg/m3 in the case of conventional bricks.
  • PFA as Raw Material: Acts as green building material due to fly ash consumption in the production process.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation: AAC has a very low thermal conductivity resulting in very high thermal energy efficiency. This results in a significant cost savings in the heating and cooling.
  • Extremely Lightweight:  Weighs approximately 50% less than other comparable building products process.
  • High Compressive Strength: AAC is a solid product, therefore making it highly load bearing. The entire surface area is used in structural calculations.
  • High Dimensional Accuracy: As a result of its dimensional accuracy, AAC is extremely easy to install, as no thick set mortar is required.
  • Great Acoustic Insulation: The porous structure of AAC provides a high acoustic insulation.
  • High Fire Resistance: Extremely high fire resistance rating of at least 4 hours and more.
  • Termite Resistance: AAC cannot be damaged by termites or insects.
  • High Workability: As a result of the excellent size/weight ratio, AAC is used extensively in rapid construction works. Even though AAC is a solid building material, it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood, making it an easily workable product.

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1) What are the various sizes in which UltraTech XTRALITE is available?

UltraTech XTRALITE is available in 600mm x 200mm x 75 to 300mm i.e. from 3” to 12”

2) What is the sound reduction index of UltraTech XTRALITE?

UltraTech XTRALITE blocks provide excellent sound absorption with a STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 44. Sound reduction index for UltraTech XTRALITE is 45 db for 200 mm thick walls.

3) Is UltraTech XTRALITE fire-resistant?

UltraTech XTRALITE has high fire resistance rating of atleast 4 hrs and more.

4) What are the cost benefits of using UltraTech XTRALITE?

UltraTech XTRALITE reduces the dead load significantly and also ensures less usage of steel & concrete. It requires lesser number of joints, which results in saving of jointing material, time and labour.

5) Can UltraTech XTRALITE blocks be cut/sawed easily?

Yes, they can be easily cut/saw to the desired size.

6) Should we pre-wet the blocks while application?

Certainly, as the material to be used is cementitious, hence it is always good to pre-wet the blocks.

7) What is the density of UltraTech XTRALITE?

550-600 kgs/m3